Helmut Newton


Helmut Newton's genius lies within his women. Known for his sexually charged photographs, Newton's goal was to provide his audience with amusing and entertaining images. Almost always in black and white his images explored fetishes not yet talked about in society. Newton's photographs have been shown in the pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and most recently the walls of museums and galleries around the world.

If it wasn't for a beautiful blond girl in Germany who rejected Newton his career would've taken a different turn. This rejection sparked Newton's specific attraction to beautiful Aryan blondes and making them submit to his will. His muses included Cindy Crawford, Charlotte Rampling, and Catherine Denveuve..

His photography, innovative compositions, and love of the exotic inspires us to push the limits and explore the rejected with open eyes.  



BEAU is an NYC street artist who has been tagging his way across the city for years usually in quick and humorous ways. He also takes time to create in his studio, where he puts together his own canvases - whether it's from drift wood or door panels. His figurative work, which is a favorite of Joseph Carini, is often influenced by Rodin,  BEAU uses mixed media, often painting on doors, tables, sofas, as well as on canvas. Although he doesn't plan on abandoning the street, BEAU sees himself moving toward working in galleries more. BEAU collaborated with Joseph Carini on two carpets for the Back Against the Wall Graffiti Show.

Carini Lang sponsored a solo exhibition for the New York City street artist BEAU back in December 2014. The show RE-POPPING ART brought audiences from all over, dedicated fans, art lovers, and new customers.

Photograph taken by Alex Covo.


According to Pantone, blue was 2014’s biggest color. More specifically, the prediction was that Pantone’s cerulean hue, “Dazzling Blue” will be the hottest shade of the year. Although indigo is several ticks darker, it will undoubtedly be a popular variation. Pantone was right, and I don't see this love affair stopping any time soon. let's look back on an indigo filled year!

One of the earliest known textile dyes, indigo is on par with black in terms of staying power. Since its discovery in ancient times, it has been universally popular and irreplaceable. It was worn only by royalty and upper classes for some time, and eventually became a widespread wardrobe staple in the form of blue jeans. Although most denim is no longer authentically indigo-dyed, it’s still an important color in the world of textiles and design.

From flooring, to sofas, to curtains, to walls, indigo can be easily incorporated into most any space. Pantone’s 2014 trend prediction will no doubt inspire even more innovative ways to use the color. The bold hue is not for the faint of heart, but it is a rich way to make a statement.

Although it is seen as a common shade of blue today, early indigo dying took meticulous skill and patience to do properly, resulting in rare textiles and garments. After an extensive extraction process, which involved months of underground fermenting in cow or camel urine, the dye was condensed into small cakes of indigo. These cakes were then crushed into a powder, immersed in water, and processed further.

In it’s liquid form, indigo is a bright green color. It is only when dyed fabric is removed from the pot that it takes on its radiant blue hue. Air oxidizes the dye, turning it blue on contact. Much like wine, indigo is a living thing. If not processed and stored properly, its rich color can die off.

Our wild nettle after being submerged in indigo.

Real indigo is processed all around the world – Japan, India, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, Africa, and more – with every region having its own unique practices and uses for it.

Similar to the way that paint coats a surface, indigo creates a coating on fibers. To prevent bleeding, it is important to submerge the fabric multiple times and dry it between dips, building each layer of dye on top of the previous. This process solidifies the color and seals it onto the fiber.

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 “One is very crazy when in love.”
- Sigmund Freud

This week we’re paying homage to some of the 20th Century’s most memorable couples. Remarkable individuals in their own right, these duos lend credence to Aristotle’s oft repeated claim that the whole really can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether they were partnerships built on fame, pursuit of power, creative connection, political passions, or good old fashioned lust, every aspect of love seemed to be magnified in these remarkable couples:

There were affairs, public fights, marriages that lasted half a century, ugly divorces, beautiful children, grandiose declarations of love, ménage a trois’, they even divorced and remarried each other! The stars included here were their partner’s muse, ball and chain, rock, beard, the love of their life, arm candy, inspiration, caretaker, business partner and a multitude of other roles which we can only speculate that they must have played in their time together.

Whatever their métier, these relationships inspired some of the most influential and ground breaking work of the last century, pushing their partners beyond their comfort zones creating some of the most soul wrenching albums, the strangest paintings, the most impressive diplomatic feats, and many of the centuries defining ideas.

Few people can make romance look even better than in the movies, and these couples certainly did. Whether they lasted or not, these relationships left an indelible mark on our imaginations, forever giving us hope that love might be as extravagant (and stylish!) for us as it is for them.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.

The couple that set the gold standard for American class, glamour and success, with a heady dose of infidelity and tragedy.

Hard to imagine but these two seem equally genuine as gorgeous, staying together for more than fifty years until Newman’s death.

Mic and Bianca Jagger

Mic and Bianca Jagger