Carini Lang's Latest Collection

Our new Geometric Collection is here and we want to show you our inspiration behind the striking patterns, colors, and endless options. These designs are perfect for budget oriented projects, adding texture, and a pop of color to any interior.

Nothing creates more excitement then arrivals of new rug designs, especially graphic pieces such as these. Our Collection is visually impactful and characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish materials. We added a modern twist to the collection by focusing on carefully balanced color combinations and enhancing the graphic simplicity within the geometric lines.   

These bold but elegant designs can transform a room, bringing style and personality to a contemporary or traditional interior. The Geometric collection is a part of our casual collection, and can be customized in any color, size, and materials.

Below are a few highlighted designs from our collection! 

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Update on the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund!

The women and children we are helping!

The women and children we are helping!

We are very excited to announce we have reached the halfway mark for our Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund! So far we have purchased materials and are assembling a temporary building that can be used as a work space and a temporary home for a family during monsoon season.

We are talking to local builders right now to determine who will be best for this project. We want to use sustainable, local materials, and design for strength and flexibility.

We are thankful to all who came to support the New Yorkers for Nepal cocktail party that was held at our Tribeca Showroom on Wednesday June 3rd. We are fortunate to collaborate with fellow New Yorkers who want to make a difference in the lives of the Nepalese people. We raised over $7,000! Part of the proceeds will be going toward the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund to help rebuild!


The funds we are raising for the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund are going toward helping a group of women rebuild their business and their village. These women use carpet weaving as a second source of income in order to earn extra money for their children's schooling and household needs. Their studio was damaged during the earthquake and they need our help to rebuild. 



Part 2: Carini Lang Nepal Fund

Carini Lang is raising money to help further the relief efforts in Nepal. We are now selling shawls and small area rugs on our e-commerce site, the proceeds are going toward the Carini Lang Nepal Fund. With this fund we aim to provide material assistant directly to the people on the ground who really need it!

We are actively endorsing and contributing to a good friend's relief efforts that have been going above and beyond the call of duty- The Dalai-La Relief Fund founded by Prem Prabhat Gurung the owner and visionary of the Dalai-La Boutique Hotel. He and his team of volunteers are working toward the relief and recovery of the Nepalese people by traveling village by village with much needed supplies.   

Follow them on Facebook as they travel to different villages and hand out blankets, water, tarps, rice, and so much more. Watch them as they document their experiences with touching photographs, and raise money through GoFundMe:  

We encourage you to make a donation to his fund.

Handing out blankets and supplies to people of the Bolde Phepiche Timal Village

Handing out blankets and supplies to people of the Bolde Phepiche Timal Village

By selling some of our artisinal products we hope to raise money for our relief fund. Our shawls and blankets are hand-spun using the finest cashmere and are often dyed with natural botanical dyes.

 For summer we have lightweight shimmery cashmeres that can be taken to the beach or worn out as a shawl on a hot summer night. Others are heavier weaves made for fall and winter wear.

The small area rugs are hand knotted using lush silk and virgin highland wool. Many are made with beautiful jewel toned vegetable dyes. We aim to use the most artisanal techniques to create exotic rugs of exceptional value.      


Detail shot of our Tissue Weight Red Tie Dye Shawl

Detail shot of our Tissue Weight Red Tie Dye Shawl

Detail of our 3' x 6' Dragon and Pheonix rug

Detail of our 3' x 6' Dragon and Pheonix rug

Our Tie Dyed shawl is made from indigo and botanical dyes

Our Tie Dyed shawl is made from indigo and botanical dyes

 Our Zuka Design available on our Ecommerce site

 Our Zuka Design available on our Ecommerce site

To shop the items above click here:

Shop now and help raise money for the Nepal Relief!

Dalai-La Relief Fund

The Dalai-La Relief Fund is working hard towards the relief and recovery of Nepal by traveling village by village with much needed supplies. The Dalai-La Relief Fund is the brain child of Prem Prabhat Gurung, the owner and visionary of the Dalai-La Boutique Hotel. Joe and Prem became friends during Joe's stay at the Dalai-La Hotel when the first earthquake occurred. After the earthquake Joe made a contribution to Prem's Relief fund to begin gathering supplies. It should be noted that Prem and his incredible staff took great care of the clients that were staying at the hotel during the crisis. At a time when food and supplies were very scant one could always get a good cup of coffee or a bowl of pasta at the Dalai-La. Prem and his staff were simply amazing! 

Since then Prem and his volunteers have gone to remote villages and brought aid to the people. He has gone out of his way to purchase and gather supplies and distribute food, blankets, water, tents, and toys for the children. 

A Letter from Prem:

"Our team of 12 volunteers left Dalai-La at approximately 11 am on May 8th, 2015 for Dudugaun-7, Kavre. Our relief supplies included tarps, blankets, jackets, medicine, and food supplies for 85 households with approximately 250 people. ...
Although relief aid had reached the village, it wasn’t sufficient.
The village had suffered 2 casualties and 17 houses were destroyed. The people there are still in desperate need of tarps and tents. With the monsoon around the corner, shelter seems to be everyone’s need.
Also, we did keep the children in mind and had taken some balls, which distracted them from the confusion of the distribution of relief. Just a heads up to any team going to help the villages, please take something for the kids such as balls, candy or lollipops, its amazing how simple and easy it is to make these children happy and smile.
Once again, we are sharing the pictures of the relief effort. The pictures would better explain the situation than I ever could.
There is this one particular picture (Last pic) of our team stopping along the way, to assist a group of 7 houses with 35 people in Phalatey Village-1, Kavre. These 7 houses apparently had not received any relief or help. We could only provide a few tarps and food for them. Anyone going to that area please take tarps and food supplies to this group.
A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers and contributors.
“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” This initiative is our something for somebody, somebody we care.
One Family, One Village at a time…
“We shall over come!!!” "

This letter was written before the second earthquake occurred. Prem is continuing to travel to different villages but he needs help with providing supplies. We ask that you help out the cause and donate to the Dali-La Relief Fund and help to rebuild one village at a time! If you would like to donate please contact us at and we will let you know how! In a few days we will have more ways to contribute online.

Nepal Update

The powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday April 25th, 2015 left a wake of destruction in the beautiful country of Nepal which is so close to our hearts. At the time of the earthquake our Creative Director and Owner Joseph Carini was there overseeing our carpet production.

Although there was turmoil and pain, the people of Nepal had high spirits and are focused on helping each other out during rehabilitation. The photos (below) he took after the earthquake speak for themselves  


Above: we brought water to thirsty soldiers who were working very hard in the rubble to save lives and recover bodies.

Joe Carini (center) with water on a rickshaw soon to be delivered to the staff and kids at  Ghar Sita Mutu - House with a Heart.

The Children of the House with a Heart playing outside days after the earthquake. They sleep in tents in the yard and continue with their school lessons outside in the garden. We plan to keep helping them as they need to repair their home. There are a total of 17 Girls and 1 boy at the home presently. But during the crisis the home has given shelter to as many as 40 addition people who needed shelter and facilities.

The Children of the House with a Heart playing outside days after the earthquake. They sleep in tents in the yard and continue with their school lessons outside in the garden. We plan to keep helping them as they need to repair their home. There are a total of 17 Girls and 1 boy at the home presently. But during the crisis the home has given shelter to as many as 40 addition people who needed shelter and facilities.

The beautiful colonial building in this photo was the 1st private school in Nepal. Soldiers pass by on their way to do more relief work.

The beautiful colonial building in this photo was the 1st private school in Nepal. Soldiers pass by on their way to do more relief work.

We bought cookies and Cadbury chocolate to distribute to the children of our weaver- artisans. The kids were really thrilled and they lined up to receive the bounty. There were 40 kids in total and each got lots of goodies.

We bought cookies and Cadbury chocolate to distribute to the children of our weaver- artisans. The kids were really thrilled and they lined up to receive the bounty. There were 40 kids in total and each got lots of goodies.

We are very fortunate that there were no casualties in our immediate family of office staff, dyers, and weaving artisans. However, practically everyone has lost a friend or relative as well as property. This event was Nepal's biggest disaster within memory.  Pictured above are their children enjoying chocolate and cookies. The boy's told Joe that they could sure use a soccer ball! we are sending a few by UPS now.

Below we have listed organizations we have seen in action and endorse for their continuous work in Nepal that we've seen first hand. By donating to these companies your donations will be going straight to the Nepalese people in need.

American Nepal Medical Foundation

ANMF has been working in Nepal for decades and knows the ins and out of Nepal's local hospitals, clinics, and medical personnel. All members are volunteers and all of the money raised goes straight to Nepal.





GoodWeave works to end child labor and trafficking across South Asia. In Nepal they are able to reach out to thousands of victims and ensure rescue and rehabilitation teams. We have worked with GoodWeave for over a decade and hold a strong relationship with them.


Ghar Sita Mutu

House with Heart was founded as a charity in 2001 by Beverly Bronson, a volunteer social worker in Nepal. Joe Carini has visited the orphanage several times before and seeing the damage to their house first hand he knows how much help they need. 



A Letter from our Owner and Creative Director Joseph Carini:

Dear friends,

As I am sure you know, there has been a large and destructive earthquake that shook Nepal on Saturday, April 25th. There have been several large aftershocks in succeeding days, and now it seems to be settling down. I have worked with the people of Nepal for over 20 years and hold for them a deep love and admiration. They are kind, friendly, humorous, and always ready to help a stranger in need. They are resilient in the face of great difficulty- and ready to rebuild.
I am in Nepal with them as I write this. The loss of life is tragic.  Now the living who have survived and lost homes and livelihoods need our help.

Carini Lang is committed to helping the people here rebuild their lives.
Our partners and friends here have all survived and are safe- a miracle! But everybody's life here has been effected and there are hardships while work is done to restore basic needs and services.
Our own weaving facilities survived the quake with little damage. We do not expect much delay in our production but we do appreciate your understanding if some delays do occur as a result of this earthquake crisis.

I will be keeping you all informed about the progress of the recovery. We at Carini Lang are sad for the human tragedy and we are ready to help the Nepalese people rebuild their beautiful country.
If you wish to make donations I recommend the following:
GoodWeave- our partner in fighting against child and slave labor. They do great work in Nepal and will see that help gets to the kids they serve, Also, Ghar Sita Mutu- House with a Heart. This is a home primarily for girls who have been abandoned. Beverly, a New Yorker, started the home in 2001 and is making a tremendous difference in the lives of 18 children living on premises and helping many others who come for schooling and training. The Home is in an effected area and can always use support. Their website has their contact info

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers from the people of Nepal.


Joseph Carini

Carini Lang


Helmut Newton


Helmut Newton's genius lies within his women. Known for his sexually charged photographs, Newton's goal was to provide his audience with amusing and entertaining images. Almost always in black and white his images explored fetishes not yet talked about in society. Newton's photographs have been shown in the pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and most recently the walls of museums and galleries around the world.

If it wasn't for a beautiful blond girl in Germany who rejected Newton his career would've taken a different turn. This rejection sparked Newton's specific attraction to beautiful Aryan blondes and making them submit to his will. His muses included Cindy Crawford, Charlotte Rampling, and Catherine Denveuve..

His photography, innovative compositions, and love of the exotic inspires us to push the limits and explore the rejected with open eyes.  



BEAU is an NYC street artist who has been tagging his way across the city for years usually in quick and humorous ways. He also takes time to create in his studio, where he puts together his own canvases - whether it's from drift wood or door panels. His figurative work, which is a favorite of Joseph Carini, is often influenced by Rodin,  BEAU uses mixed media, often painting on doors, tables, sofas, as well as on canvas. Although he doesn't plan on abandoning the street, BEAU sees himself moving toward working in galleries more. BEAU collaborated with Joseph Carini on two carpets for the Back Against the Wall Graffiti Show.

Carini Lang sponsored a solo exhibition for the New York City street artist BEAU back in December 2014. The show RE-POPPING ART brought audiences from all over, dedicated fans, art lovers, and new customers.

Photograph taken by Alex Covo.


According to Pantone, blue was 2014’s biggest color. More specifically, the prediction was that Pantone’s cerulean hue, “Dazzling Blue” will be the hottest shade of the year. Although indigo is several ticks darker, it will undoubtedly be a popular variation. Pantone was right, and I don't see this love affair stopping any time soon. let's look back on an indigo filled year!

One of the earliest known textile dyes, indigo is on par with black in terms of staying power. Since its discovery in ancient times, it has been universally popular and irreplaceable. It was worn only by royalty and upper classes for some time, and eventually became a widespread wardrobe staple in the form of blue jeans. Although most denim is no longer authentically indigo-dyed, it’s still an important color in the world of textiles and design.

From flooring, to sofas, to curtains, to walls, indigo can be easily incorporated into most any space. Pantone’s 2014 trend prediction will no doubt inspire even more innovative ways to use the color. The bold hue is not for the faint of heart, but it is a rich way to make a statement.

Although it is seen as a common shade of blue today, early indigo dying took meticulous skill and patience to do properly, resulting in rare textiles and garments. After an extensive extraction process, which involved months of underground fermenting in cow or camel urine, the dye was condensed into small cakes of indigo. These cakes were then crushed into a powder, immersed in water, and processed further.

In it’s liquid form, indigo is a bright green color. It is only when dyed fabric is removed from the pot that it takes on its radiant blue hue. Air oxidizes the dye, turning it blue on contact. Much like wine, indigo is a living thing. If not processed and stored properly, its rich color can die off.

Our wild nettle after being submerged in indigo.

Real indigo is processed all around the world – Japan, India, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, Africa, and more – with every region having its own unique practices and uses for it.

Similar to the way that paint coats a surface, indigo creates a coating on fibers. To prevent bleeding, it is important to submerge the fabric multiple times and dry it between dips, building each layer of dye on top of the previous. This process solidifies the color and seals it onto the fiber.

Brand new scarves and blankets

Carini Lang is announcing their shawl and blanket collection is available for purchase online! While visiting our website under the accessories tab our customers can browse through our limited edition pieces and purchase them right from our website. Our collection varies from hand dip-dyed cashmere shawls, geometric patterns, solid colors, and tie dye. Our cashmere is specially picked and spun with as much care and grace as our carpets.  

For more inquires email us at   


 “One is very crazy when in love.”
- Sigmund Freud

This week we’re paying homage to some of the 20th Century’s most memorable couples. Remarkable individuals in their own right, these duos lend credence to Aristotle’s oft repeated claim that the whole really can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether they were partnerships built on fame, pursuit of power, creative connection, political passions, or good old fashioned lust, every aspect of love seemed to be magnified in these remarkable couples:

There were affairs, public fights, marriages that lasted half a century, ugly divorces, beautiful children, grandiose declarations of love, ménage a trois’, they even divorced and remarried each other! The stars included here were their partner’s muse, ball and chain, rock, beard, the love of their life, arm candy, inspiration, caretaker, business partner and a multitude of other roles which we can only speculate that they must have played in their time together.

Whatever their métier, these relationships inspired some of the most influential and ground breaking work of the last century, pushing their partners beyond their comfort zones creating some of the most soul wrenching albums, the strangest paintings, the most impressive diplomatic feats, and many of the centuries defining ideas.

Few people can make romance look even better than in the movies, and these couples certainly did. Whether they lasted or not, these relationships left an indelible mark on our imaginations, forever giving us hope that love might be as extravagant (and stylish!) for us as it is for them.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.

The couple that set the gold standard for American class, glamour and success, with a heady dose of infidelity and tragedy.

Hard to imagine but these two seem equally genuine as gorgeous, staying together for more than fifty years until Newman’s death.

Mic and Bianca Jagger

Mic and Bianca Jagger