For over fifteen years, Carini Lang carpets have been designed in New York, woven in Nepal, and inspired by the world in between. Founded in 1997 by Joseph Carini and Aurelie Lang, the emphasis of the production is focused on exploring the use of unusual natural dyes., natural fibers, and authentic traditional weaving techniques. Joseph Carini worked with Tibetan and Nepalese carpets for seven years and as an antique carpet and textiles dealer. He started working with antique carpets In the 1980’s and his infatuation with rare and unusual carpet lead to an in-depth study of colors, specialized natural dyes, design etymologies and weaving technique. With this knowledge, Carini Lang is one of the last rug makers in the world using Tibetan hand-knotting techniques and creating dyes from scratch. By preserving traditional processes and designing fresh modern styles, Joe hopes to bring the magic from the past into the contemporary world. 


The three core principles that Carini Lang strives to uphold: To rival the quality of the best carpets of past epochs; to benefit our client, our weavers, our dye masters, and not harm the environment in the process; and to create woven art. 

Our design sensibility is informed by nature, patterns, symbolism, fashion, tradition and our client's objectives. We are inspired by variations within repetitions, the contemporary, and the urban artistic milieu of New York City. Our fascination with the world, design, pop culture, brings us closer to understanding and feeling connected to the past. We strive to stay true to our vision which requires going the extra mile in making something of value. 

We're art and design people, nature people, passionate, playful, thoughtful, and curious. Carini Lang has designed rugs based on: storm clouds, city nights, children's drawings, animal prints and jazzy art deco geometry. 

Rugs are our canvas. 


Some carpets emit chemicals as toxins loosen from the pile, but Carini Lang takes organic living one step further with silk and wool carpets that are toxic free. Along with our craftsmanship and design our carpets come with certification by the non-profit organization GoodWeave. The GoodWeave standard we work by requires producers and exporters to ensure no child labor is used in the production of rugs. Along with the GoodWeave organization Carini Lang takes part in giving back to Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, and Doctors without Borders, among other charitable organizations.